The slideshow above displays a comparison between the previous logo design before it was rebranded.

Olegs Samsonovs Photography

Near the beginning of the year, I was contacted by UK-based wedding and lifestyle portrait photographer, Olegs Samsonovs, to rebrand his photography business with a new custom-made logo.

Olegs wanted the logo to be greyscale and had initially requested me to keep the camera illustration from the existing logo. However, after presenting several concept sketches and selecting one of the designs for further development, Olegs' partner Rita provided us with an excellent suggestion; in memory of Olegs' father, who was a test pilot for Mikoyan-Gurevich MiG-21 fighter jets, I created a silhouette of an MiG-21 as accurately as possible to give the logo more of a personal and meaningful touch.

"We are so thankful to have found Caligature - a young and very talented guy, Calvin - who drew this logo so perfectly for us! I like everything about it and it means so much to me!"

— Olegs and Rita


Rather than simply placing the silhouette above the lettering or to the side of 'Olegs', I wanted to make sure that it connected well with the flow of the curves and flourishes of the custom lettering, so I created a flourish on the end of the 's' in 'Olegs' to represent the contrail of a jet.

During the refinement stage, my perfectionism kicked in and I ended up adjusting the angle of the jet by ensuring it was parallel to the italic 'photography' lettering.

My next step for this project was to create a logomark to complement the main logotype. This design needed to be legible at a small size as it would be applied on small accessories, such as custom engraved USB sticks for Olegs' clients (as shown in the images below).

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Some photographs of Alex and Kristian's wedding day photoshoot by Olegs, featuring a heritage Bentley Blower in the background.