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Homeless of Melbourne

In February 2015, I contacted my mate and fellow graphic designer, Alex Reid of AR Creative, and suggested working together on a collaborative design project with non-profit organisation, Homeless of Melbourne Inc.

We are both compassionate about the issue of homelessness, and felt that we could put our design skills to good use by helping to promote the honourable work that the guys at Homeless of Melbourne are doing. Since then, we're proud to be their graphic design team and are planning on many exciting projects, but for now, here's a brief insight into how it all began...

After discussing ideas about ways in which we could help, Alex and I got in touch with the founders of Homeless of Melbourne via Facebook, and arranged to meet up in the city to share our ideas. Providing the organisation with its own brand identity was our first priority, so after the meeting, we began sketching out some logo concepts and communicating back and forth for feedback. The team were really impressed with the monogram designs that we had both created, so that was the direction we took.

The next step was to fix up the overall composition and ensuring everything was done to perfection - the thickness of strokes, shadows, the alignment of the type, the angle of the curved type etc. We also decided to apply rounded corners to the monogram so that it matched the typeface we used in the logo.

The screenshot above shows how the Homeless of Melbourne logo was constructed in Adobe Illustrator.

Finally, we wanted to create an alternate logo design by giving the clean version some texture treatment in Adobe Photoshop to give it a grungy, urban feel - as pictured on the left side of this page.

To find out more about Homeless of Melbourne, head over to our website and connect with us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter!

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