This custom lettering piece is one of my personal favourites as I love the way Clint Eastwood's right eye fits perfectly in the gap just above the 'n' and 's'.

I was just doodling in my sketchbook one night whilst watching 'The Good, The Bad and The Ugly', and I had a brainwave of ideas for Wild West-themed typography pieces - of which, 'Gunslinger' turned out to be one of my best options. So after I gave the initial sketch some further development and refinement, I then scanned it and vectorised it in Adobe Illustrator to neaten up the curves, adjust the kerning of the letters, and ensure the strokes were all of the same thickness.

I am extremely proud to have had this piece featured on Goodtype and Typespire, as well as being awarded Runner-up for 'best hand-lettering piece' in the 2015 Type Me Some Contest!


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