Every Kingdom

Originally for a CD booklet project at Tractor Design School, this was one of the first hand-lettering pieces that I created, and was when my renewed passion for typography and lettering truly skyrocketed.

I say 'renewed' because I've always been interested in typography and lettering, and I was usually always the person allocated to design the headings and layouts for school group projects, but it was during my first year at uni when I realised I could turn my lettering hobby into a career. It is currently one of my biggest goals that I'm working towards, constantly practicing and improving my skills to make the dream become a reality.

My 'Every Kingdom' piece was initially going to be used on the cover of a redesigned CD booklet for Ben Howard's debut album. However, after my hard drive corrupted with one week to go before folios were due for submission, I lost a lot of work and couldn't fix my hard drive to retrieve my files. This is all that remains of the project from an old backup stored on my laptop.

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