Ampersand Series

Here's a collection of ampersand designs that I've created! This page will be updated when more ampersands are completed, so keep checking back! ...or follow me on social media to stay updated 😃

'Ampersand 01'    With this design, I wanted to experiment with a unique style that was completely different to the more 'traditional' ways of creating an ampersand. I wanted to break the structure and divide it into different segments, without losing the actual shape of the ampersand.

'Batmanpersand'    As the title of this design suggests, I was heavily inspired by DC Comics' caped crusader, Batman. In contrast to the curvy, fragmented structure of Ampersand 01, I felt a more aggressive, jagged style would suit that of the Batman. I didn't want to over-complicate the design by adding too many of Batman's features because I wanted to avoid losing the form of the ampersand, so instead, I decided to go with a minimalistic approach and only use the cowl, gauntlets and symbol on the chest. I intended for the cape to be interpreted by the viewer through the sweeping motion of the ampersand.


(More designs coming soon!)

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